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The Day DC Listened: The U.S. House Judiciary Committee Hears Compact for America

The Compact Commission is the first interstate agency ever formed to unite the states to wield their ultimate constitutional power over the federal government - the power to amend the constitution by application and convention.

Through the Compact Commission, the states spoke to DC about getting the federal fiscal house in order—and it looked like the U.S. House Judiciary Committee genuinely listened!

More than that, numerous congresspeople stood with the states on advancing HCR73 - the congressional resolution to activate the Compact for a Balanced Budget.

It seems that framing the need for a Balanced Budget Amendment as a civil rights issue—protecting future generations from inheriting an unsustainable fiscal policy they never chose and taxation without representation—was persuasive.

Hard to believe, perhaps. And for that reason, here's the proof!

There is now a real opportunity for the states to partner with Congress on advancing HCR73—the congressional resolution that commits Congress to fulfilling its role in assisting the states propose and ratify a Balanced Budget Amendment. We are thrilled that Congressman Luke Messer (IN) is leading the charge in Congress—most recently joined by Congressman Trent Franks (AZ) (his full throated endorsement is among our video highlights above).

Passing HCR73 by November only requires simple majorities in Congress, and could provide the critical mass for the remaining states to join Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Mississippi, and North Dakota in the Compact for a Balanced Budget—and deliver a ratified Balanced Budget Amendment before April 12, 2021—before it is too late.

Towards that end, Compact for America Educational Foundation and the Compact Commission are looking for leaders among citizens, staffers, policy experts, think tank heads, and statesmen—to continue to provide leadership to DC.

Just click on the links below to answer, "yes!"

  • Do you want to learn more about the Balanced Budget Compact effort and perhaps meet with or have a conference call about the effort with a member of our team?

  • Would you want to serve as a witness to testify in legislative hearings either as a citizen or subject matter expert (or both)—and if you are a subject matter expert, would you want to be considered for published policy work or joining our Council of Scholars?

  • Would you consider serving as a volunteer on the ground in your state to speak about, support and coordinate our educational efforts (in existing member states, educating congressmen and women and their staff is still important, btw)?

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