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Filings & Financials


The Compact for America Educational Foundation, Inc. (the “Foundation”) is a not-for-profit Texas corporation. The Foundation educates elected officials, citizens and residents of the United States and the several states on the use of interstate compacts and counterpart federal legislation to create durable and convenient legal frameworks within which to protect state sovereignty and individual freedom, such as agreements that coordinate the use of Article V of the U.S. Constitution by state legislatures and the US Congress to originate, propose and ratify constitutional amendments, tailor existing federal programs to local, state and regional needs, entrench government reforms (such as regulatory reform, spending limits and subsidy prohibitions), promote free market energy, transportation and resource policy, impose limits on the public policy making powers of agencies, and establish opt-in special district governance zones that apply state of the art regulatory, public service and fiscal policy best practices.


The Foundation is committed to the maximum degree of organizational transparency that is consistent with protecting the privacy of our donors. On this page, you will find key documents concerning our corporate and tax status.

Tax Status Documents
Corporate Policies
  • Conflict of Interest Policy

    • The Foundation demands integrity from its associates. This policy guards against conflicts of interest.


  • Policy Product Comparison Policy

    • The Foundation wishes to maintain civil discourse, strong alliances, and healthy intellectual competition among the various Article V amendment efforts. This policy guides us in achieving these objectives.


  • General Lobbying Policy

    • All associates of the Foundation are required to follow this lobbying policy to protect our tax status unless superseded by the Compact Administrator Guidance.​

  • Compact Administrator Guidance

    • When furnishing educational and other administrative services​ at the direction of the Compact for a Balanced Budget Commission, all associates of the Foundation are required to follow this guidance from the Chair of the Compact Commission.

  • Donor Privacy Sworn Statement Template

    • ​​​Charitable regulation agencies in New York and California are mandating the disclosure of "Schedule B" donors by charities seeking contributions within their jurisdiction. Donors who are concerned about maintaining the confidentiality of their gift from such mandatory disclosure should review this template with their legal counsel and consider signing and delivering it, after appropriate modifications, to the Foundation.

Corporate Organizational Documents
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