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Lawrence Reed

President, Foundation for Economic Education

"Don’t sit back and fret about runaway government. Get involved, take responsibility and help save the country. Support the Compact for America’s balanced budget amendment - easily the single best vehicle to stop the sin of spending recklessly today and burdening our children and grandchildren with the tab. Your conscience demands it!” 

George Will

Washington Post Columnist

"Do you believe a balanced-budget amendment is a required

response to the nature of today’s politics and governance, now

that the courts neglect to do their duty enforcing Congress’

adherence to the Constitution’s enumeration of powers? If so,

the Compact’s amendment is remarkably resistant to evasion. It

would use the Constitution’s Article V to move the nation back

toward the limited government the Constitution’s Framers thought

their document guaranteed.”

Lt. Col. Allen B. West (ret.)
President/CEO National Center for Policy Analysis

“When asked what was the most pressing national security concern for the United States, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen stated, ‘our national debt.’ I wholeheartedly concur as our national debt – not including unfunded liabilities -- has grown from $10.67T to $18.1T over the past six years. This represents a clear and present danger to the future of our Constitutional Republic. The American people must seek out means by which we restore fiscal responsibility to the federal government – and our Founding Fathers left us mechanisms in the Constitution. I join in supporting and endorsing the Compact for a Balanced Budget as a viable approach to rein in excessive and unprioritized federal government spending that threatens the legacy of liberty we pass on to subsequent generations of Americans.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Fox News Contributor/Constitutional Scholar

“To stop the insanity of an out-of-control federal government

fueled by limitless debt spending, States must unite behind the

Compact for a Balanced Budget.”

Mike Church

Sirius XM Radio Personality

"The only rational plan to amend the Constitution and begin the process of balancing the Federal budget is the Compact for America's."

James M. Rodney

Founder, The Rodney Fund

"Without a limit on the federal government’s borrowing capacity,

nothing short of a system crash will force Washington to

rethink its priorities and revisit first principles. But the character

of our society has changed so much for the worse that we cannot

assume that the process of rebuilding will lead to positive change.

Instead, I believe we should do everything we can to stop the

runaway train first. I am convinced that Compact for America’s

streamlined approach to ratifying a federal Balanced Budget

Amendment is our best chance."

Hon. Lamar Smith

Congressman, State of Texas

“Congress on its own is unlikely to pass a constitutional amendment requiring the federal government to operate under a balanced budget. The States could have the power to advance this requirement through an interstate compact, a more orderly vehicle than a chaos-prone Constitutional Convention. I encourage the states to join into the Compact for America's interstate compact without delay, and send the Compact's enabling omnibus resolution to Congress for action.”

Hon. Paulette Braddock

Compact Commissioner/Legislator (GA)

“It is time to support the Compact for a Balanced Budget for the

same reasons President Ronald Reagan supported Nobel Laureate

Milton Friedman’s effort — only the states will originate a powerful balanced budget amendment. Left to its own devices, Congress will never tie its own hands.”

Hon. John Culberson

Congressman, State of Texas

“I support the tenets of the balanced budget amendment drafted

by the Compact for America as well as the vehicle it has devised

to initiate such an amendment – an interstate compact. It is

time to rein in federal spending, and one of the most effective

ways to do that would be with the adoption of a balanced budget


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