The Wildman of Libertarian Online Radio Ernest Hancock Interviews Compact for America VP Nick Drania

If you haven't heard Ernie Hancock, you've never really experienced online radio. He created the "love" in the Ron Paul Revolution signs. He proudly propagates libertarianism in its most extreme form. Compact for America does not share his views, but his motives are pure, he occasionally makes sense, and it all makes for great entertainment. Watch and listen as he and Nick Dranias go at each other in a good natured debate over the Compact for a Balanced Budget. The interview starts at 5:55.

* * *

If you have not done so already, please visit the Compact for America website and load up on intellectual ammunition.

Please show your support for the cause by purchasing cool Compact for America gear.

#compactmomentum #nonpartisanbalancedbudgetamendment #compactforabalancedbudgetpitch

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