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Do YOU Agree with Compact for America's Core Principles?

1. The core strategic principle that differentiates CFA from all other Article V efforts is that it is designed to be the rough equivalent of a ballot measure. It is not a black box dressed up with great intentions; it is meant to be a specific political product with specific policy content. This is why it prepackages as much of the Article V process in as few legislative moving parts as possible. We think this is the most plausible way to approach Article V for a deliverable constitutional reform in the near future--for the same reason that we see constitutional reform in the states arise primarily from ballot measures rather than conventions. Do you agree with this strategic principle?

2. The core policy principle that animates the Balanced Budget Amendment at the heart of the Compact for a Balanced Budget, which distinguishes it from all other BBAs, is that it strikes at the root cause of the abuse of debt by Washington: the unchecked concentration of power. That's why the Compact's BBA adopted the National Debt Relief Amendment's requirement that any increase in the federal debt be subject to state legislative approval. A BBA that is entrusted entirely to Washington to police itself is a nonstarter for us. Do you agree with this policy principle?

3. The core political principle that animates the Compact's BBA, which distinguishes it from all other Article V efforts and BBAs is that we have attempted to design all of its features in keeping with the goal of preserving the possibility of finding principled common ground with all decent Americans. We reject partisan, scorched-earth rhetoric, policies or tactics. We believe that if we build the "Concord Coalition" BBA, consensus will come. Do you agree with this political principle?

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