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Originalists and #Resistance Unite?

This October 9th at Mitchell Hamline Law School - find out why the #resistance movement and constitutional originalists should unite in a spirit of opportunism to restore the check and balance of federalism.

  • The only thing that Washington, DC seems to deliver well is overreach.

  • DC is saddling future generations with debt.

  • DC is using borrowed money to control state and local government.

  • DC is unable to reform itself.

But that's where the States come in.

  • States can enforce constitutional checks and balances and resist existential threats to their sovereignty such as federal coercion and commandeering.

  • States can unite in interstate compacts and secure targeted reform of federal law.

  • States can even unite to amend the constitution and secure a more permanent end to federal overreach.

Location: Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Conservatory Room, 875 Summit Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55105

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