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Why Arizona Joining the Compact Matters

Thanks to Governor Doug Ducey's signature and the championship of Speaker JD Mesnard, Arizona became the 5th state to join the Compact for a Balanced Budget!

While other efforts claim a dozen or more states have applied for an Article V convention, none have settled on the amendment(s) to be proposed, the delegates to attend, the rules to be enforced or whether the amendments will be ratified.

The Compact for a Balanced Budget, in contrast, commits each member state to the entire amendment process. By joining the Compact, Arizona is not only applying for an Article V convention (when 33 more states join), but Arizona has settled on the powerful, vetted Balanced Budget Amendment advanced by the Compact both for proposal and ratification. It has designated its delegates and the governing convention rules. And, like Alaska, Georgia, Mississippi and North Dakota, Arizona has also committed to ratifying that Amendment if it is proposed.

Each time the Compact for a Balanced Budget is passed, the entire amendment process is moved forward to its ultimate successful conclusion.

Naturally, this historic event triggered an in-depth look at the Balanced Budget Amendment movement by the Daily Signal in this report. Check it out!

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