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What Government Does, Markets Do Better (Almost Always).

Can markets really deliver this better than government?

  • Roads

  • Water and Sewer

  • Electricity Transmission and Generation

  • Fire and emergency services

  • Refuse collection

  • Education

Dr. Byron Schlomach, one of the nation's leading experts in competitive outsourcing and public-private partnerships, resoundingly declares, YES! in Compact for America Policy Brief No. 16, Yield to the Market: How Prosperity Districts Would Competitively Deliver Municipal Services.

And with the movement underway in at least five states, we'll soon have the chance to prove it.

That's because the baseline Prosperity District is required to deliver all municipal services through competitive outsourcing.

Of course, it is likely that some of those bids will be won by surrounding or nearby State, County or City governments, especially when it comes to providing law enforcement services, but the competition to deliver services will be open to all qualified contractors public and private.

That may sound radical, but it isn't. Dr. Schlomach explains how the Prosperity District model simply pulls together in one place all of the privatization, public-private partnership, and outsourcing ideas that have been deployed successfully throughout the country and around the world.

Yield to the Market demonstrates yet again how the movement would deliver the state-of-the-art in public policy to local communities that want it!

Isn't it time to hit the reset button in your community and state?

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