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Bring Back the American Dream!

Compact for America Educational Foundation has joined forces with Federalism in Action and NeWAY Foundation to advance the “Restore Prosperity Now!” project. This is an entirely new effort for us—but one that has been road-tested in significant ways before getting underway.

It is not an Article V effort—but it packs as big a punch if just two states join it.

So what is it?

That's the quick overview. But there's plenty more to learn about this powerful new movement - starting with Compact for America Policy Brief No. 10:

This brief explains why using an interstate compact to create a framework for citizens to press a “reset button” for activist government public policy in their local community is both constitutional and uniquely powerful.

Future briefs authored by Dr. Adrian Moore (Reason Foundation), J. Scott Moody (Federalism in Action), Sam Batkins (American Action Forum), Dr. Byron Schlomach (1889 Institute), Dean Clancy (fmr. Vice President of Policy, FreedomWorks) and others will explain why the establishment of Prosperity Zones will result in explosive economic growth, flourishing communities, and dominant international competitiveness for the United States as a whole.

With Federalism in Action and NeWAY Foundation, and a growing coalition of equals, we will be launching an educational campaign in five states and Washington, DC in the near future.

We are also hosting a workshop at ALEC on Thursday, July 28 at 11:00 a.m. to further explain the merits of this incredibly powerful and innovative effort. Please join me and Steve Moore (CFAEF National Spokesman/Heritage Foundation), Dr. Adrian Moore (Reason Foundation), Sam Batkins (American Action Forum), Erick Brimen (NeWAY Foundation), and Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden (MS) at Restore Prosperity Now!

And if you miss us at ALEC, please consider visiting our booth at NCSL (booth 205) in Chicago and stay tuned for details on our workshop/breakfast at SPN in Nashville.

The goal of the project is to create the legal framework for shining examples of free market public policy with which we can contrast the standard activist government model.

Our team firmly believes that if we create easily formed and expandable “West Berlins” or “Hong Kongs” with which to contrast the “East Berlin” and “Mainland China” models that surround them, then Jeffersonian principles will prevail even amongst the least ideologically-motivated of our fellow-citizens.

We will show the country what real prosperity, abundance and opportunity looks like.

Your generous support makes innovative reform campaigns like this possible.

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