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Plausibility Defined: The Compact for a Balanced Budget

History shows the plausibility of surmounting the thresholds needed for the Compact approach to generate a limited government constitutional amendment.

Here is a list of compacts that have secured 38+ states:

  1. “Agreement on Detainers” (National Center for Interstate Compacts, 2011);

  2. “Compact on Mental Health” (National Center for Interstate Compacts, 2011);

  3. “Compact on Placement of Children” (National Center for Interstate Compacts, 2011);

  4. “Driver License Compact” (National Center for Interstate Compacts, 2011);

  5. “Emergency Management Assistance Compact” (National Center for Interstate Compacts, 2011);

  6. “Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision” (National Center for Education Statistics, 2011);

  7. “Interstate Corrections Compact” (National Center for Interstate Compacts, 2011);

  8. “2010- 2015 NASDTEC Interstate Agreement Signees” (National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification, Sept. 5, 2013).

Here is a list of uniform laws that have been adopted in 38+ states:

  1. Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act;

  2. Anatomical Gift Act;

  3. Athletes Agents Act;

  4. Attendance of Out of State Witnesses Act;

  5. Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act;

  6. Electronic Transactions Act;

  7. Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act;

  8. Voidable Transactions Act;

  9. Principal and Income Act;

  10. Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act'

  11. TOD Security Registration Act;

  12. Trade Secrets Act;

  13. Transfers to Minors Act;

  14. UCC Article 1;

  15. UCC Article 2A;

  16. UCC Article 3;

  17. UCC Article 4;

  18. UCC Article 5;

  19. UCC Article 6;

  20. UCC Article 7;

  21. UCC Article 8;

  22. UCC Article 9 amendments;

  23. UCC Article 9.

As shown above, you can see that persuading thirty-eight (38) states to join an interstate compact or to adopt uniform legislation has been done before. Simple majorities of Congress have repeatedly voted in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment proposal on the floor (only failing to reach the two-thirds threshold required for a Congressionally-proposed amendment). By contrast, so far, we have been waiting two hundred and twenty-five (225) years for the legacy approach to Article V to result in a convention, much less a ratified amendment.

If the goal is to maximize the chances of a federal Balanced Budget Amendment in the shortest period of time, the Compact for a Balanced Budget-warrants your support.

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