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CFA's Sven Larson Schools Washington on the Need for the Compact for a Balanced Budget in The Hi

Building on the buzz fare generated by Rep. Gosar’s powerful piece outlining America’s need to Compact for a balanced budget amendment in The Hill last month, Compact for America’s council of scholar’s member, Sven Larson also helped school Washington on our need to "reopen" the case for a balanced budget amendment in The Hill this morning.

After stating that while the GOP's budget is a "welcome change for the better," Mr. Larson points out just how susceptible the GOP's budget is to compromise, by stating that the "The GOP budget won't become actual policy unless the Republicans win the next five Congressional elections and the next three presidential elections."

Obviously, a tall order in today's highly partisan political climate.

This is why Mr. Larson then goes on to say that in the face of our looming debt problems, "We need a better insurance policy against the looming debt earthquake."

What insurance policy does Mr. Larson propose?

Mr. Larson makes the case that "It is time to reopen the case for a balanced budget amendment to the constitution." But, not just any balanced budget amendment... Specifically, America's Compact for a balanced budget amendment that rightly shifts our fiscal focus from "deficit to debt," and allows the states to "effectively become cosigners of the federal debt."

Obviously, a much needed balance of power between our state and federal governments.

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