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FEE's Larry Reed Joins the Board of Directors!

It's official: Lawrence Reed-the President of the Foundation for Economic Education-has joined the Compact for America Educational Foundation's Board of Directors!

Reed has been and will continue to be a member of the Foundation's Council of Scholars. But now he will take on even greater responsibility. He will serve alongside Chairman Thomas C. Patterson (immediate past Chairman of the Goldwater Institute), CPA and investment banker Chip DeMoss, Constitutional scholar, talk radio personality, and special forces contractor Jeff Utsch, and best-selling author, historian and recovering attorney Dr. Kevin Gutzman.

Reed is an expert in the causes of the rise and fall of ancient Rome, an expert in free market economics, and a visionary leader of the most venerable think tank in the country-the Foundation for Economic Education. His insights and experience are perfect fit to guide the Foundation as it grows in size, reach and influence.

Learn more about Reed's leadership role at the world-class Foundation for Economic Education here.

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