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Why Support Compact for America Most of All!

The Compact for America team supports all Article V efforts that are well-thought-out and limit the abuse of government power; but we prefer those that are most likely to succeed in generating a good ratified amendment above all.

That’s why Compact for America as an organization is devoted exclusively to advancing the Compact for a Balanced Budget, which advances a pre-drafted, vetted and poll-tested Balanced Budget Amendment. You can even read it here.

In advancing a federal Balanced Budget Amendment, Compact for America has recognized that “fixing everything all at once” is only rarely a successful legislative strategy. When it comes to constitutional reform in the states, for example, the typical mode is by issue-specific/policy-defined ballot measure, not by way of a drafting convention.

Likewise, we believe the best approach for the as-yet untested Article V convention mode of proposing amendments is to utilize a highly streamlined, highly targeted approach and to pursue a specific policy that already commands super-majority support and which is powerful enough a reform to be worth the effort. That is precisely the Compact for America approach, and why the Compact for a Balanced Budget also deserves most of your support.

We say: Let’s prove the Article V concept quickly, do a controlled experiment with a simple and focused convention, and then create a beachhead for further efforts that may be more comprehensive in nature.

If you agree, please consider a tax deductible donation to our 20 state education campaign.

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