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Extra! Extra! Compact in the News!

Alan Caruba, columnist, Tea Party News Network, August 31, 2014 says:

"The [Compact for a Balanced Budget's] amendment would put 'an initially fixed limit on the amount of federal debt.' It would ensure Washington cannot spend more than tax revenue brought in at any point in time, with the sole exception of borrowing under the fixed debt limit. It would force Washington to reduce spending long before borrowing reaches its debt limit, preventing any default on obligations; something threatening many other nations as well."

  • Steven F. Hayword, columnist, Forbes, August 7, 2014, says:

"The latest enthusiasm for a state-generated constitutional convention contemplates an amendment or suite of amendments intended to curb federal power and its domination of the states, including a spending limitation amendment that would not allow new deficit spending without the consent of a majority of the states. The aim is not merely to constrain Washington DC, but to revive federalism as well. There are several organized efforts behind this idea: see the Compact for America for one of the best efforts."

  • Tom Patterson, Goldwater Institute Board Chairman, East Valley Tribune, March, 2014, says:

"Dependency on government is reaching ominous levels. Spending that exceeds income has become part of our political culture. We feel like shouting that our debt is dangerously high and that it’s immoral to pass on to future generations the consequences for our self-indulgence. Yet realistically, there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it. Until maybe, just maybe, now. The answer to our despair may well lie in the Compact for America, an agreement among the states to come together to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution."

  • Arizona Daily Independent, March 7, 2014, reports:

"The intent of Arizona’s HB2305 [Compact for a Balanced Budget] is to originate a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution in every state enacting, adopting and agreeing to be bound by the Compact. Jeff Utsch, with Compact for America said, 'The Compact certainly answers most, if not all of the questions, of those fearing an Article V Convention. It mitigates risks associated with calling a convention. In my view, anyone educated with the facts has no excuse to vote against what we are trying to do. It comes down to egos and some just don’t want to hear how the compact can alleviate the risks involved. Some who have been preaching against Article V have their fingers in their ears and don’t want to know the truth, it seems. Many, however, are listening. They understand that using a Compact to prepackage an Article V Convention intended only to pass a Balance Budget Amendment is the single most import thing we can do right now. They understand that we must rein in the Federal Government’s out of control spending, in order to protect our children’s future, and bring Federalism back into our Republican form of government.'"

  • Politically Short, December 8, 2013, reports:

"[T]he Mount Vernon Assembly has resonated with attendees that the path forward will take the form of the Compact for America."


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