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How to Make DC Listen

Recent events prove making a generous financial contribution to Compact for America Educational Foundation is more important than ever.


DC pretends to listen to you.

It promises to change.

But DC never does.


Because DC doesn’t need you. Not really.

If push comes to shove, DC can buy most of the votes it needs. And it does.

Free cell phones. Cash for clunkers. Bailouts. Regulatory Favors.

Your interest in liberty is irrelevant to DC.

After all, for decades, DC promised everything and delivered nothing to the freedom movement.

So how do you and liberty become relevant?

Short of a total system collapse, it will take an intervention by the States!

  • Only if DC’s credit card is cut will the illusion of limitless resources be dispelled.

  • Only if the illusion of limitless resources is dispelled will DC be forced to prioritize.

  • Only if DC is forced to prioritize will the need for limited government be felt.

  • Only if the need for limited government is felt will the Constitution be restored.

  • And only if the Constitution is restored will your interest in liberty become relevant in DC.

It all begins with a Balanced Budget Amendment.

It begins with cutting DC’s limitless credit card.

For Patriots like you, the question is not whether to pursue a Balanced Budget Amendment, but how.

And that’s where YOUR support for Compact for America Educational Foundation comes in.

Compact for America is uniting the states to secure a powerful federal Balanced Budget Amendment before April 12, 2021. Our effort is not an endless quest; it is do or die.

Already 5 states—Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Mississippi, and North Dakota—have joined a formal, binding agreement to deliver a powerful federal Balanced Budget Amendment before April 12, 2021—it is called the “Compact for a Balanced Budget.”

By joining the “Compact for a Balanced Budget,” these states have all solemnly agreed to ratify a specific federal Balanced Budget Amendment that has been vetted and endorsed by top national experts.

Just 33 more states and simple majorities in Congress will get the job done.

With your support, we can get the job done.

Getting the job done requires focusing resources and manpower in 40 states during 2018.

That requires $10 million before December 31, 2017. That’s a lot of money to you and us, but actually less money than what is spent on a typical California ballot measure.

It is also far less than the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS of WASTED DOLLARS spent on DC each election year.

It is a much better investment …and success is entirely plausible.

Will you help support this most critical effort in our nation’s history with a generous contribution?

Will you support the Compact for America Balanced Budget Amendment effort?

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