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ALEC Attendees Demand Prosperity Now!

Over 100 leading policy makers and policy analysts from around the country attended the inaugural educational forum for the Prosperity Zone Compact in Indianapolis.

  • They heard former Wall Street Journal Editor and Economist Steve Moore laud the effort as the most innovative idea he's seen in a very long time.

  • They heard Reason Foundation's Dr. Adrian Moore underscore how the Prosperity Zone model legislation hit it out of the park with state-of-the-art regulatory best practices.

  • They watched American Action Forum's Sam Batkins show what the cost of regulation does to ordinary household items with an incredible video showing how expensive stupidity can be.

  • They heard CFAEF President Nick Dranias explain why an interstate compact uniquely brings durability, reciprocity and federal upgradeability to the deep regulatory and fiscal reforms promised by the Prosperity Zone concept.

  • And they were moved by NeWAY Foundation's Erick Brimen who recounted the horrors visited upon Venezuela by Chavista socialism and the bounty delivered by free market zones throughout the world.

Stay tuned for video of the event and more!

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