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Congress is Inviting the States to Tie its Hands.

American Thinker just published this graph showing that we are back to levels of debt that are nearly 105% of GDP.

More than ever, the States need to lead on fixing the National Debt.

Congress won’t because it has an unlimited credit card that never has to be repaid, and it will continue to use it without intervention.

And, remarkably, Congress is starting to recognize that it has a problem.

In a Judiciary Committee Hearing in the U.S. Senate last Wednesday, Senator Cornyn of Texas appeared to ask repeatedly for intervention by the states during the testimony of Cato Institute constitutional scholar and Compact for America Council of Scholars Member Ilya Shapiro on the Balanced Budget Amendment advanced by the Balanced Budget Compact.

Members of Congress are looking for the State to tie their hands.

For that reason, the time to strike is now.

Let's keep the pressure on the States to get the job done and encourage Congress to let them lead.

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