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Economist Krystal Slivinski Joins the Council of Scholars!

In terms of accomplishments, we're not sure which one is Rose and which one is Milton, but it sure is great to have two Slivinskis on the Council of Scholars!

Professor Krystal Slivinski is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Grand Canyon University. Before teaching undergraduate and MBA economics at GCU, Professor Slivinski lobbied the Arizona Legislature to improve tax, budget, and regulatory policies. She also trained K-12 teachers to teach economics in a hands-on and engaging way with the Arizona Council on Economic Education. Prior to moving to Arizona, Prof. Slivinski spent nearly a decade in Washington, D.C. working in think tanks and the public policy world. One of her greatest policy achievements was to help the Virginia Legislature amend the Virginia Constitution to improve protection of private property rights against eminent domain abuse. Prof. Slivinski has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and English from West Virginia University, and a Master’s Degree in Economics from George Mason University. Prof. Slivinski lives in Phoenix with her husband and their three sons.

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