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Honor Veterans By Keeping this Republic

Admiral Mike Mullen said the greatest national security threat is our runaway national debt.

Let's honor those who fought to keep our Republic by supporting Compact for America and the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Join us on December 5th at "A Republic We WILL Keep" at Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, Arizona.

We will celebrate the success of the Compact for America team in 2015 and the freedom secured by frontline patriots like the Navy SEALs by hurtling around a private motor speedway at up to 150 mph, shooting machine guns, touring Cold War Fighter Jets, and learning about the biggest of big ideas to keep our Republic from Grover Norquist, Lawrence Reed, Nick Dranias, Jeffrey Utsch, Thomas C. Patterson, and more, over BBQ, cigars, and drinks.

JOIN US! Details here.

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