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Compact for America is a Better Investment

I recognize that we are in the middle of political giving season, but wouldn’t it make more sense to invest your dollar in a tax deductible gift supporting a policy initiative that is: (a) absolutely necessary to preserve the Republic and (b) far more plausible than the vast majority of folks competing to become the next President?

I submit to you that the Compact for America initiative is simply the best public policy investment you could make.

Yes, that is a bold statement. But I write it because no good government policy is durable so long as Washington has an unlimited credit card it never has to repay. Unprincipled politicians will simply buy votes at no immediate political cost and mortgage our kids’ future until the system disintegrates. Principled politicians will eventually succumb to the same temptation in order to compete.

Without a firm limit on federal borrowing, everything else we build in the public policy world is a sand castle standing against the tide.

That’s why Compact for America Educational Foundation is dedicated to cutting Washington’s credit card. We recognize that unlimited borrowing capacity is the fairy dust that creates and sustains our overreaching and massively inefficient federal government. We proudly serve as the primary educational support for the Compact for a Balanced Budget.

The Compact for a Balanced Budget is a legally binding agreement among the states to advance and ratify a specific, non-evadeable federal Balanced Budget Amendment before April 12, 2021. The Compact requires the support of 38 states and simple majorities of Congress to succeed.

The lift is heavy, but eminently plausible. Historically, simple majorities of Congress have routinely supported Balanced Budget Amendments on the floor of Congress. 38 or more states have joined uniform legislation on at least 30 past occasions. Already, Alaska, Georgia, Mississippi and North Dakota have joined the Compact for a Balanced Budget. 19 congressmen are cosponsoring the counterpart congressional resolution H.Con.Res. 26. With modern social media and communications targetting, success is achievable with education efforts targeting an effective population of roughly 600,000 policy makers, policy analysts, media and influencers.

The resources required for the Compact for America initiative to succeed are no more than the average California ballot measure. They are far less than the millions of dollars already spent on presidential candidates who have withdrawn from the 2016 race. As proof, consider our top level budget numbers associated with educating 15 states and Washington, DC in 2016:

Donation Needs – 2016: 890,450.00


Contract Services Total: 418,750.00

Project Education Total: 234,500.00

Direct Project Management Total: 35,000.00

Lobbying Total: 100,000.00

Fundraising Total: 38,750.00

Administrative Management Total: 10,500.00

Allied Organization Grants Total: 101,500.00

Miscellaneous Project Expenses Total: 134,750.00

Miscellaneous Operations Expenses Total: 51,200.00

We need your help in meeting our 2016 budget numbers.

As you plan your end-of-the-year giving, please consider a tax deductible donation to the Compact for America Educational Foundation. It is easy to do by simply visiting our donation page and choosing the investment level that works best for you.

If you would like to meet and discuss our effort and budget in more detail, please do not hesitate to email me. While large investments are welcome, please know that every dollar counts. We are grateful for every contribution. And we will protect donor privacy.

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