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Who on the Right Likes the Compact?

Did you know that the Compact for a Balanced Budget has been endorsed by numerous leading and unimpeachably Center-Right intellectuals?

Here are just a few:

“Don’t sit back and fret about runaway government. Get involved, take responsibility and help save the country. Support the Compact for America’s balanced budget amendment - easily the single best vehicle to stop the sin of spending recklessly today and burdening our children and grandchildren with the tab. Your conscience demands it!”

-Lawrence Reed, President, Foundation for Economic Education

“The Compact for a Balanced Budget is the best vehicle for the most powerful, yet politically plausible federal Balanced Budget Amendment I have seen. I endorse it without hesitation.”

-Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform

"To stop the insanity of an out-of-control federal government fueled by limitless debt spending, States must unite behind the Compact for a Balanced Budget.”

-Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Analyst

“The Compact for a Balanced Budget is a viable approach to rein in excessive and unprioritized federal government spending that threatens the legacy of liberty we pass on to subsequent generations of Americans.”

-Lt. Col. Allen B. West (ret.), National Center for Policy Analysis

“The Compact for a Balanced Budget seems to be the best chance we have for avoiding default and disastrous inflation.”

-George Leef,

"State legislatures can form a compact — a cooperative agreement — to call a convention for the codified, one-item agenda of ratifying the balanced-budget amendment precisely stipulated in advance . . . . States would be the prime movers of, and would be substantially empowered by, the institute’s amendment-by-compact plan.”

-George Will, Washington Post

The Center-Right bona fides of a public policy effort do not get any better than this. But let’s not fall into the trap of dividing Americans into partisan or ideological factions with regard to a public policy effort that should unite everyone of good will. We have sought, secured, and will continue to seek the support of reformers and fiscal hawks of all stripes. The only “conspiracy” behind our effort to seek support from folks on the Center and Center-Left, as much as on the Center-Right, is our unabashed goal of uniting the American people and their elected officials on what used to be basic principles of good governance—namely: don’t steal from our kids and don’t give the federal government the illusion of limitless resources and power.

Can’t we all agree to that?

If so, click here:

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