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Certainty: One of Four Unique Compact Features

The differences between the Compact approach to Article V and the “legacy” approaches to Article V can be captured in four categories: 1) Certainty; 2) Safety; 3) Synergy; and 4) Speed. As you will see, the Compact approach is truly “Article V 2.0.” Today’s topic is…


All efforts to originate constitutional amendments from the States require the organization of a convention for proposing amendments under Article V of the United States Constitution. However, unlike the legacy approach, the Compact approach ensures you know precisely what you’re going to get from the amendment by convention process before it begins. The necessary agreement among the states (the “compact”) and the compact-activating congressional resolution pre-commits supermajorities of the states and simple majorities of Congress to the:

  • the necessary application to Congress,

  • identity and instruction of delegates,

  • convention agenda (including the complete text of the contemplated amendment),

  • convention rules,

  • convention logistics, and the

  • ratification itself.

Unlike the legacy approach, the Compact approach also uniquely organizes a Commission to oversee the amendment process, enforce the Compact, manage logistics, and parley with Congress and other states to keep everything on track. The states will have a megaphone to match that of the political class in Washington. The only question left open is whether the convention the Compact organizes will propose the contemplated federal Balanced Budget Amendment.

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