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Michigan Senate Passes Compact Bill This Constitution Day!

The Compact for a Balanced Budget Commission and the Compact for America team are grateful for the Michigan Senate’s passage of SB306-the Compact for a Balanced Budget!

It is our great hope that Michigan will soon join Alaska, Georgia, Mississippi and North Dakota in a binding agreement to advance and ratify a powerful federal Balanced Budget Amendment.

As you know, with an unlimited credit card that never has to be repaid, there is no reason for the federal government to budget meaningfully, much less balance the budget. There is just too much temptation for federal officials to promise anything it takes to get elected—costs are never factored into the equation because non-voting future generations will be socked with the bill.

Only by limiting how much the federal government borrows from our kids and their kids can we hope for the federal government to live within our means and within the limits of the Constitution.

For that reason, it is a great tribute on Constitution Day that one chamber of the Michigan Legislature has set foot along the path of restraining the federal government’s borrowing capacity with a Balanced Budget Amendment.

On to the House!

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