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C4A Live Episode 9: Byron Schlomach Gives Millennials a Taste of Greece

C4A Live host Nick Dranias chats wth CFAEF Council of Scholars member and economist Dr. Byron Schlomach, State Policy Director for the 1889 Institute, on why we don't want a taste of Greece.

Byron Schlomach, PhD

Director of State Policy – 1889 Institute (Oklahoma)

Formerly the Director of the Center for Economic Prosperity – Goldwater Institute

Byron Schlomach has worked in and around state government for 18 years, developing expertise in a variety of areas, including transportation, health care, taxation, regulation and government budgetary practices. He is currently the State Policy Director for the 1889 Institute based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was formerly Director of the Center for Economic Prosperity for the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. Byron earned his bachelors and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from Texas A&M University where he also taught upper-level economics courses. Byron left academia to work for a state legislator in Texas, especially in the area of public education. He went on to work in the research section of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts where he first developed ideas regarding government transparency. These ideas eventually found fertile ground in the State of Texas, first with the Texas Education Agency and then with the whole state. Byron has worked toward the implementation of Public Private Partnerships in road projects, spending limits, rational school finance reform, reform in professional licensing, and tax policy. He has written numerous articles to support his views. Byron entered the state think-tank world in 2003 when he joined the Texas Public Policy Foundation as its Chief Economist.

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