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Missouri Senate Compacts with America-Passes SB 433!

America's Compact got one step closer to restoring fiscal sanity in D.C. yesterday with strong support from the Missouri Senate. The Missouri Senate voted 27-6 to pass SB 433-America's Compact for a balanced budget yesterday, and the historic legislation also received its first reading in the MO House as well.

Lets thank the Missouri Senate for compacting with the American people to advance and ratify a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution, and make sure to support the Missouri House as they consider making Missouri the fifth state to join the Compact.

We're living in historic times, indeed. By supporting America's Compact, history isn't just something we get the pleasure to read, it's something we get the pleasure to help write!

Figure out how you can get involved in your state @

Don't just help... #HelpMakeHistory!

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