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The 8 Weapons you need to finally put the "ConCon" Boogeyman to rest once and for all!

For decades now, Americans have allowed all the “conventional” fears to run the Article V-balanced budget amendment debate, but in many ways, these “conventional” fears were justified, because all previous Article V efforts did little to address people’s honest concerns, and the genuine fears they had surrounding the Article V issue.

Thankfully, today, these conventional fears have been addressed with America’s Compact for a balanced budget. But, unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent a fearful few from continuing to repeat the same talking points that have already been addressed by CFA’s Compact legislation.

That’s okay though, because we now have the eight weapons we need to finally put the “ConCon” boogeyman to rest once and for all!

All we have to do is arm ourselves with the truth, and encourage everyone to GET THE FACTS… NOT THE FEAR!

So, here goes! Here are the eight weapons you need to prove once and for all that Compact for America’s Application approach to advancing and ratifying Constitutional amendments provides all the Certainty, Safety, and Speed we need to finally put the "ConCon" Boogeyman to rest!

Weapon 1) Undeniable PROOF that the States have the power to target the Article V convention to specific amendments because of the meaning of the word "Application."

Weapon 2) Some QUESTIONS that help generate answers showing that the Compact for America approach properly constrains the deliberation of an Article V convention. Weapon 3) Undeniable PROOF that an agreement among the states to generate constitutional amendments was anticipated by the Founders. Weapon 4) What Reagan, Friedman and Scalia thought about state control over an Article V convention. Weapon 5) A FACT SHEET explaining how the Compact for America approach answers Phyllis Schlafly’s famous 20 questions. Weapon 6) Another FACT SHEET explaining why the Compact for America approach is completely safe. Weapon 7) One more FACT SHEET explaining the Compact for America approach's 17 safeguards. Weapon 8) As if all that intellectual ammo wasn’t enough, here’s a detailed expert FAQ report that outlines the legal theories behind the Compact for America approach to Article V.

Finally! Now that we're all armed with the 8 weapons needed to finally put the “ConCon” Boogeyman to rest once and for all-we can work towards restoring fiscal sanity, protecting our national posterity, preserving essential liberty, and saving the Republic!

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