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Its Time To Pass A Balanced Budget Amendment and End The FISCAL Civil War

It took courage to pass the 13th amendment and end the Civil War, back then. It will take courage to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment and end the fiscal civil war, now.

Compact for America, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, is launching the ‪#‎CourageOverFear‬ campaign to restore fiscal sanity and protect our national posterity from the chains of unrestrained government debt.

Its high time that we have the courage to refrain from fearful inaction any longer. As Compact For America's Vice President of Devolopment, Jeff Utsch said recently, we have to see fear for what it really is. "Fear is not an American trait."

We have to comitt ourselves to doing whatever it takes to restore fiscal sanity in Washington, protect our national posterity from government debt, preserve essential liberty, and save the republic.

If we don't, not only will we fail to keep the American dream alive, but we will literally sell our families, friends, neighbors, communities, cities, states, and this (once) great nation into an inescapable financial bondage to government debt.

This is why Compact For America is honoring this day by launching the #CourageOverFear Campaign. To fight against fearful inaction, pass a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution, free our posterity from financial slavery, and end this fiscal cival war.

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