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Compact for America Superstar Workshop

On December 5, 2014, the Compact for America Team converged on Washington, DC for a panel discussion explaining the policy, economics and constitutionality of the Compact for America approach to Article V.

In a mere 70 minutes, you will hear from 6 experts in all relevant fields both explaining the issues and fielding hard-hitting questions from an engaged audience of policy analysts and policy makers.

Introductions by Compact Commissioner Paulette Rakestraw

CFA Board Chairman Tom Patterson explains the superiority of the Compact approach to Article V from experience (<4 minutes).

CFA President & Executive Director Nick Dranias gives a quick overview of the policy and constitutionality of the Compact approach to Article V (<13 minutes)

CFA Advisory Council Member & National Debt Relief Amendment Spokesman Sen. Curtis Olafson explains the importance of "external discipline" (<6 minutes)

CFA Council of Scholars Member and Goldwater Institute Economist Dr. Byron Schlomach paints the economic picture we face right now (<8 minutes).

CFA Council of Scholars Member and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Ilya Shapiro lays out how the congressional component of the Compact for a Balanced Budget will play out (<8 minutes)

Hard-hitting Questions & Answers Begin with CFA-Action CEO Chip DeMoss Moderating and Closing (<1 minute). Part 2 includes bonus commentary from CFA communications strategist Greg Brooks.

Part 1 (<15 minutes)

Part 2 (<15 Minutes)

This fantastic educational panel was made possible by the Rodney Fund.

If you want to bring the Compact for America Team to your state, please get involved. Please show your support by buying cool Compact for America gear. And please consider a tax deductible donation to put scholarly boots on the ground in 20 states.

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