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Pix from the Hugely Successful Second Annual Liberty Amendment Dinner!

Vice President of Development and Board Member Jeff Utsch fights to maintain his composure while introducing Dr. Dorothy Woods, widow of the late Ty Woods, who was killed in Benghazi. With Patriots putting their lives on the line for the Republic, how can we not fight to ensure the States Compact for a Balanced Budget Now?

The following candid phone camera shots were all taken during the all-day gala event at the Hilton El Conquistador on October 18, 2014! Professional shots to come.

Paint and Auction.png

Painting a scene from the Founding era!

Packed House.png

A packed Liberty Amendment Dinner.

Earlier, Key Note Speaker Mychal Massie knocks it out of the park during the morning Liberty Amendment symposium.


Sheriff Mack (left), Mychal Massie, and Congressman Schweikert (back to viewer) mix it up with the guests during the pre-dinner reception.


Local Radio Talk Show celebrity J.T. Harris entertains the dinner crowd as the Master of Ceremonies!

JT Harris.png

Dr. Jake Jacobs reveals the true nature of Mobocracy during the morning Liberty Amendment symposium.


Congressman Paul Gosar, with Warrior School Founder Jeffrey Prather, shortly before pledging to push the Congressional resolution activating the Compact for a Balanced Budget through the House!

Gosar and Jeffrey Prather.png

Thank you everyone for coming! Now let's get it done.

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