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Nick Dranias Joins Compact for America's Educational Foundation as its Vice President!

Watch Nick deliver a main ballroom speech on Compact for America at the 2013 CPAC!

Nick just accepted the position of Vice President at the Compact for America Educational Foundation, Inc. Here's what he wrote on Facebook to friends and colleagues just yesterday:

I'm excited to announce that I have accepted a position as Vice President at Compact for America Educational Foundation, Inc., which just received its 501(c)(3) determination letter! CFA is accepting fully deductible charitable donations in support of educating the nation about "Article V 2.0" and the benefits of passing the Compact for a Balanced Budget in Congress and the remaining 36 states! With huge opportunities looming post-November, focusing on the Compact for a Balanced Budget push is simply a no-brainer.

Nick made the jump from the Goldwater Institute where he served as General Counsel and Constitutional Policy Director and led the Institute’s successful challenge to Arizona’s system of government campaign financing to the U.S. Supreme Court. He remains "of Counsel" for the Institute in representing the City of Tombstone in a fight to protect its 130 year old municipal water supply from U.S. Forest Service overreach. Nick also serves as a constitutional scholar, authoring scholarly articles dealing with a wide spectrum of issues in constitutional and regulatory policy. His articles have been published by leading law reviews, bar journals and think tanks across the country. Dranias’ latest works are In Defense of Private Civic Engagement (forthcoming), Introducing "Article V 2.0:" The Compact for a Balanced Budget (Heartland Institute/Federalist Society); Recognizing Pension Fund Insolvency: A Catalyst for Reform (Goldwater Institute with Dr. Byron Schlomach) and Moving Forward: A Roadmap for Choice and Competition (Goldwater Institute with Drs. Andrew Kleit and Byron Schlomach).

Nick regularly speaks on the Compact for America initiative, and has appeared regularly on radio and Television to discuss the Compact for a Balanced Budget and other crucial constitutional and policy matters of the day, including:

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