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Exploding Propaganda Series (Part 7 of 7): Section 7's Self-Enforcement Provision

The Compact for a Balanced Budget advances a specific Balanced Budget Amendment that you can read today, and which four states have already contractually committed to ratify. Read it here.

Section 7 of the Compact's BBA states that the Amendment is self-enforcing. Strangely, even this provision has drawn the fire of the opposition. The term is included because there is case law that says constitutional provisions are not necessarily effective or enforceable unless enforced by subsequent laws. We want our amendment to be effective and enforceable on its own terms, regardless of Congress' willingness to pass laws to enforce it. Any critique of this provision illustrates that the opposition has no legal expertise.

The bottom line, as shown by the preceding six postings, is that there is no substance or merit to the criticisms advanced by the opposition to the Compact's Balanced Budget Amendment. In reality, we believe such opposition is simply a smokescreen for an underlying opposition to states using their ultimate power to originate amendments by convention. They know that the Compact approach prevents effective fear-mongering about the amendment process, so they have mounted meritless attacks on the substance of the proposed amendment instead.

We have no doubt that you will see through that tactic.

Thank you for your continued support!

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