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Overwhelming Supermajorities of Alabama Voters Support America's Compact for a Balanced Budget

On Memorial Day, as a nation, we, with heavy hearts, honor our fallen veterans that died to preserve and protect our Republic. These brave souls who swore to protect our Constitution not only deserve to be memorialized by tradition, but part of preserving their legacy involves showing them the respect they deserve by stoping this:

This trend of perpetually increasing government debt obviously threatens our posterity (and it is based on CBO projections regarding only publicly held federal debt, which underestimates the gross amount of federal debt being incurred!).

Fortunately, one pathway to protecting and preserving our Republic is clear; and, as shown by recent polling data, it requires only the tiniest smidgen of the courage that once animated those who we remember today.

According to polling conducted over the past few days by West-Third Group, overwhelming supermajorities of Alabama voters support SB414/HB379-the Compact for a Balanced Budget, which commits the states to advancing, proposing and ratifying a federal Balanced Budget Amendment.

Here’s the breakdown of the poll:

As shown below, 100% of Alabama voters overall and Alabama Republicans are “concerned” about the national debt. And 76% of Alabama Republicans and 56% of Alabama voters overall are “very concerned.”

Not only that, 94% of Alabama Republicans and 77% of Alabama voters overall favor the policy of limiting government spending to available revenue.

And that’s not all, as shown below, 91% of Alabama Republicans and 74% of Alabama voters overall approve of a constitutional amendment that would limit how much the federal government can borrow.

82% of Alabama Republicans and 68% of Alabama voters overall favor the core debt control mechanism of SB414/HB379’s proposed federal Balanced Budget Amendment; namely, requiring the federal government to obtain the approval of a majority of state legislatures for any increase in an otherwise fixed constitutional debt limit.

97% of Alabama Republicans and 73% of Alabama voters overall favor states organizing a convention for proposing a federal Balanced Budget Amendment.

Despite many expressing some degree of concern about the prospect of a “runaway convention,” Alabama voters understand that the risk of relying on the political status quo to fix the national debt far exceeds any risk of a “runaway convention.”

Moreover, when informed about the laser-focus of SB414/HB379-the Compact for a Balanced Budget-on advancing a specific Balanced Budget Amendment, 82% of Alabama Republicans and 72% of Alabama voters overall feel even more confident about the process.

Bottom line: 69% to 84% of Alabama Republicans and 60% to 66% of Alabama voters overall support each of the core policy elements of SB414/HB379-the Compact for a Balanced Budget.

So please honor our veterans who fought to preserve and protect our Republic (and the people of Alabama) by bringing SB414/HB379 to the floor!

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