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Compact for America’s Memorial Day Marathon

On the last Monday in May, Americans remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country. In an effort to show our deepest gratitude to the families and military service members who died for the cause of freedom, Compact for America is hosting a special Memorial Day Marathon.

CFA’s Memorial Day Marathon will highlight military centric content in order to honor those who were/are brave enough to do what most Americans won’t, so most American’s don’t have to.

Throughout the normal hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it’s easy to forget that freedom isn’t free;

Freedom is purchased by the blood of patriots brave enough to die for it!

America’s military service members have always been a rare breed of citizens worthy of special recognition. To date, it's estimated that from the American Revolution in 1775, to today's Operation Inherent Resolve, over 2,850,000 brave men and women have died to ensure/preserve our constitutional republic could/would remain free.

Today, less than 0.5% of the U.S. population serves in our armed forces, and not only have these brave men and women endured trials that most Americans never will, but they do it with a level of discipline and honor that is truly exceptional!

Therefore, on this Memorial Day 2015, the Compact for America team wants to remember and honor those who died serving our country in a special way!

In an effort to do so, this weekend, the Compact for America team will be accepting pictures of anyone you know who died for the cause of liberty, and will share them with a short bio honoring your service members this upcoming memorial day.

Please submit your pictures, and a short bio of your service member to

Share this post so that we can honor as many of these brave men and women as possible!

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