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Whoever Wins in the States or Congress-It's Time to Compact for a Balanced Budget!

How often have we seen new majorities in the States and Congress achieve nothing good worth remembering?

With today's election that could change. There could be majorities, even super-majorities, in the States and Congress that would be willing to pass and activate the Compact for a Balanced Budget.

The resulting 2015 session could be a unique moment in history to stop the intergenerational theft that characterizes our unsustainable national debt.

We are borrowing a huge chunk of our kids’ future income to sustain more than 40% of the federal spending that mostly benefits only us today.

Our kids are going to be taxed in one form or fashion to pay down this debt without having had representation.

No other generation has done so much damage to the Next.

It is a moral outrage, especially as Washington rockets past the $18 trillion debt mark to infinity and beyond.

It must stop before it is too late.

We have the vehicle for a powerful Balanced Budget Amendment that can make the abuse stop as soon as next year. It is called the Compact for a Balanced Budget.

The fearmongering over what would happen at an Article V convention is now obsolete thanks to the Compact approach, which settles all questions about the process in advance with the agreement of a supermajority of States and simple majorities of Congress.

A wide political spectrum, ranging from progressive Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig to conservative Washington Post columnist George Will, recognizes the unique safety of using the Compact for America approach to organizing the otherwise cumbersome and uncertain process of generating a Balanced Budget Amendment by convention.

There is no longer any reason to fear the Article V convention process with the Compact for America approach.

Let's finally have a national policy debate over whether we should finally take Thomas Jefferson's advice and limit the federal government's borrowing capacity!

With your help, and the leadership of the new majorities, the 2015 session could save our Country and our Future.

Join the fight to fix the debt by voting today!

* * *

Support Compact for America's "Tell DC to Stop the Child Abuse! Fix theDebt Now!" campaign with a tax-deductible donation.

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