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Fiscal Responsibility Is Not Partisan

Compact for America's proposed Balanced Budget Amendment is carefully designed to reach anyone who believes:

  • The federal government's resources are not unlimited despite the illusion created by limitless borrowing capacity.

  • It is wrong to tax future generations for our current spending and taxing policies.

  • Special interest tax loopholes should be closed before general tax rates are increased.

  • Power needs to be decentralized to the States because the People have more leverage there than in Washington.

  • The current political system needs a fundamental law to enforce these principles.

Good people across the political spectrum should agree with these principles.

In fact, 49 red, blue and purple states have already reached a consensus as a matter of constitutional or statutory law that their own budgets must be balanced and public debt must be limited.

This is clear proof that there is not, and must not be, a partisan divide over fixing the national debt.

In other words, there is room for everyone to join the Compact for America initiative!

Find out how you can help.

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