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Which Article V Effort is Leading?

That's right. If you measure by distance to the goal of a ratified amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Compact for a Balanced Budget is clearly in the lead. It is entirely plausible that our effort could secure a federal Balanced Budget Amendment by July 4, 2017, if not sooner.

But even if the other movements catch up, the Compact can roll with them too.

Why? Because each time the Compact is passed into law, the powerful federal Balanced Budget Amendment it carries is simultaneously pre-ratified by that State's legislature. That ratification will go live whenever the same BBA is referred by Congress out for legislative ratification.

That could happen even if the Convention of the States or the BBA Task Force's conventions meet first! This is because the same states that have joined the Compact will also have delegates at those conventions. Their delegates will have a powerful argument to their convention colleagues to propose the Compact's BBA in view of the fact that it has already been pre-ratified.

The activation of the Compact's BBA ratification could even happen if Congress itself proposes the same BBA first!

All of this is to say: A vote for the Compact for a Balanced Budget cannot be a wasted vote, even if the current A5 front runner does not ultimately come in first, especially if one of the three major efforts (or Congress) succeeds before the Compact's sunset date of April 12, 2021.

And even after the Compact sunsets, member states have the option of allowing their Article V application to survive and be aggregated with any other compatible Article V effort.

No other Article V approach is as synergistic with all other avenues of constitutional reform as the Compact approach. No other Article V approach has as much tactical flexibility. A Compact supporter can support all major constitutional reform efforts and still advance the ball of securing ratification of the Compact's powerful BBA. The policy goal of the Compact for a Balanced Budget is advanced alongside the success of other efforts as well!

Equally important, no other Article V effort offers the same return on the investment of your life, your fortune, and your sacred honor!

That's why the Compact for a Balanced Budget deserves your support.

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